Their first DIE CAST

This is a collection of Die cast vehicles for the little ones. 

The clàssic amog the classics 

Traditional & timeless toys. 

Toy cars for 1-3 Year Old children 

Colorful designs 

Car toys encourage to toddler’s sensory development, 

imaginative storytelling and develop fine motor skills 

And for your children over 3 years old, more assorted clàssic models colors & scales 

For parents that want to share their passion with their children, clàssic models of cars and bikes to encourage children to collect small classic vehicles that never go out of style 

Baby cars

Toy Cars are a clàssic children`s playtime.

Playing with toy cars & vehicles has been one of the favourite childhood play for generations

These toys contribute to improve creativity, imagination, and development.

There are many benefits of toy vehicles, one is pretend play, connect real life with play, physical development, gross motor skills coordination and balance.

Cars & vehicles

Toy vehicles offer a wide range of benefits for children. 

As we have explained in the baby toys category, toy cars encourage pretend play, physical 

development, encourage social skills. 

Whether playing alone or with friends, children children can have fun. 

Toy cars also promote independent play and friendly competition for children up to 3 years old.

Build & Play

Children Love to build their own cars & trucks to run on. 

This kind of toys develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills by learning which pieces have to be assembled , also improves hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills while playing. 

Building vehicles are a great toy for curious kids who like to know things and how things work. 

Children can boost curiosity, creativity and imagination.