Sports & Games

Eco friendly Sport collection 

Collection of toys made with biodegradable and 

sustainable materials. 

Jute fiber balls, biodegradable toys… 


The best environmental impact comes from toys made of bioplastics . 

Encourage Kids with eco-friendly beach activities by using biodegradable beach toys made of 100% bioplastic to safeguard the sea and our planet.

Gardening & Nature

Youn gardeners enjoy the pleasure of being close to nature while engaging in gardening activities using bio eco-friendly tools designed for children. 

Our gardening range includes gardening belts, tools, gloves, long handled tools, watering cans, buckets,


Toddlers can have exciting day trips and outdoor adventures with these nice neoprene backpacks . 

With these little cute backpacks ,the little ones can have everything they need for the journey ahead,whether it’s a hike up a mountain or a day spent at the beach. 

Swimming pool

Swimming pool games as Diving games ,aiming games fishing games for young children,as well as water guns,sprinklers,and a vast range of other amusements,are all available for a pleasurable summer vacation for kids


These big outdoor vehicles,including excavators,trucks,ride-on excavators,and shovel loaders,are made of environmentally-friendly wheat straw bioplastic,

These toys are suitable for both indoor and outdoor play. They are particularly ideal for playing in sand and Parks,bakcyard House and spend vacation time having fun in natural enviromments