Onlyworld , environmentally responsible toys

Educating for sustainable líving we contribute to an approach to green & sustainable products lifecycle

We also use recyclable materials such as recycled PET bottles to produce some of our toys and bags, giving used bottles a second life by reusing and converting them into nice toys and lifestyle products. 

Our toys are easily biodegradable in the environment at the end of their life cycle. 

They can be turned into natural compost in a few months unlike regular plastic that takes up to a thousand years to decompose. 

We produce our toys with natural raw materials,such as plant-based 

materials, which means reducing the quantity of regular plastic in the world. 

For this reason Onlyworld has as its main core value the concept of “back to life“, reducing waste, avoiding throwing away many items and instead turning them into biodegradable toys. 

We produce our toys using plant-based materials, such as bioplastics from wheat Straw or rice husk, repurposing the agricultural waste into quality toys while reducing pollution.

The materials used to manufacture our toys are certified by International organizations

compostable certified EN13432

Biobased carbon content certified

Wheat Straw Plastic uses a by-product that is left over after the wheat harvest, known as lignin, which, when 

combined with sugar, can be turned into a bioplastic. The Lignin’s natural fibers make the material strong enough without requiring any additional toxins, giving it strength, durability and quality. 

Biodegradable – so it will take less time to break down naturally. 

Renewable and Sustainable – these products are completely natural; a waste product from natural sources. 

Energy Efficient – less energy is required to produce the Wheat Straw Plastic than normal plastics. 

Waste Disposal – the amount of waste is reduced and the straw no longer needs to be burnt, reducing air pollution.