Who we are


Onlyworld is focused in the manufacturing of OEM products  and “ exclusive projects “ within the toy, game and gift  market 

We have a sòlid and reliable network of manufacturers in China and manage the process of production and logistics for each project

We offer :  customized sourcing  & manufacturing  of exclusive developments to make  a difference within the market

Aways  FOB  selling , under customer brand 

Tell us your interests and we will send you a very competitive and professional  proposal ad hoc your request.

100% customized proposals.

Only has 2 mainly business lines:

White labelling -OEM products

 We offer toys and games  under  the corporate image of the customer .OEM – There is an extensive catalogue of products that can be purchased off the shelf, a sample of which are available at onlyworldhk.com However, our expertise is working to a brief to source the right product for you, whatever your category.  All these products come with customised packaging.

Only World offers tailored services to a wide variety of customers and widely different visions and different Markets.

Tailored projects- Exclusive developments

Development of new products on an adhoc basis

1.Idea  the customer presents us a project . Asks us for a product that meets certain characteristics

2. Development : complying with the requirements that the customer asks of us, we search among our manufacturing partners to obtain a prototype or model We adap our production to the customer´s demand using different materials and different qualities of each material according to the customer`s requirements to create a suitable product that responds to a required  level of quality and that fits on the required target price.


We adapt the packaging according to the customer’s request .

Based on the artworks, the customer adapts his own  design to launch the first pre-production samples

We have a huge range of materials and qualities to be used on the packaging…

4. Feed Back from customers  

We Love receiving feed back and ideas from our customers

let us know your ideas: we will exchange proposals, ideas and suggestions to define the conception of the final product

Only offers the customer creative support, product development, quality and compliance with regulations and logistical support until the delivery of the final production.

Come on and Challenge Us! Ask us to source an OEM product or an “Exclusive Project” and we will present to you a competitive and professional proposal.

1 Idea

idea gif

2 Development

dev gif

3 packaging

pack gif

4 Feed Back from customers

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let us know your interest!!

 we will offer you options to develop your idea or product

We will send you an interesting proposal adapted to your requirements 

 Many  of our products are exclusive for customers and do not appear on our site

Consult us also regarding Loyalty – promotional items  and collectibles .