In our company  we aim to offer toys that inspire  imagination, creative play and hours of fun.

We’re proud to be a trusted company for high quality educational and amusing toys and games for children.

Family-owned company. Long tradition  in the world of games and toys.

The passion for our work is present in every  toy collection, ‘which are always age-appropriate and provide useful tools for learning and development.

Discover our selection of educational and long-lasting biodegradable toys.


We`re focused in  toys for newborns, infants , toddlers and  preschoolers.

For grade schoolers we offer a nice collection of educational toys.

One of our main  goals is  to make all of our toys 100% sustainable.

In fact, we’re proud that most of our toys are sustainable toys.

This means that our toys are made  from waste materials such as agricultural crop waste and also recycled materials.

Onlyworld’s core value is “back to life“ &  zero waste.

We are committed to using biodegradable and recycled materials.

The most important thing for us is to reduce waste and  give materials and products a second life,Contributing to a natural and ecological life cycle of products.

Our history

We are a family with a long tradition in the world of toys and games

Our grandfather founded the first traditional games company, producing them by hand and taking care of the quality of all  his products.

Generations later Albert Bartoli moved to China, a country  where he already had experience in manufacturing certain products and there he founded the current company.

He carefully selected places where to manufacture the toys , ensuring quality and allowing us to test new materials, molds , textures and developments.

Times change and consumers also demand quality toys at competitive prices.

Our job is to offer customers what they need.

One of our greatest advantages is that we fully adapt to the customer’s requirements, MOQ, materials, design, packaging, offering ad hoc products

We are suppliers of well-known brands in the  industry for which we provide OEM and ODM products, 

We supply toy brand owners and distributors who have a private label

Our  headquarters &  cooperating factories are located in China and our sales office is located in Barcelona

Our business lines:

– sourcing of toys & games:

Our sourcing focuses on sustainable toys for  early ages. Creative play and educational toys 

You can find our different catalogs on our site, but we are also constantly introducing  new and exclusive products to our customers through mailing campaigns.

  We also take into account custom sourcing, upon request.

We will be delighted to know your interests, so that we can send you a very competitive and professional proposal, ad hoc for your request

– Tailor-made projects These are products developed ad hoc,  upon the request of our customers.


We make 100% ad hoc OEM products with the customer’s brand, , customized proposals in different materials (wood, bio-plastic, Bio-silicone, recycled plastic, cotton,… and more). We also make Custom developments, starting from a 2D or 3D drawing  and creating nice exclusive toys, that offer our customers the opportunity to make  a difference within the market.

we also offer ODM products,  tailoring

Let us know your interests,  ‘what new materials you would like to use, and what new product lines you would like to have to expand your catalogs.

We will be delighted to offer you appropriate support to develop your idea or product

               We will send you interesting proposals fully adapted to your needs.

Many of our products are  exclusively for some of our customers and therefore do not appear on our site

Consult us also regarding Loyalty – promotional items  and vintage collectibles.