100%  Custom sourcing company of toys & games.

Our company 

We are a family with a long tradition in the world of toys and games

Albert Bartoli was settled in Shantou in China  some years ago where he founded the Company.

We are suppliers of well-known brands in the sector for which we provide OEM and ODM products, ad hoc their requirements.

We have a sòlid and reliable network of manufacturers in China 

Our sales department  is located  in Barcelona.

. Technical Office In China  . Customer Service Office In Barcelona


Only has 2 mainly business lines:


– sourcing of toys & games : This is a vast catalog of products , also  Sourcing under customer demand.We also supply deco  & gifts under demand.

– Tailor-made projects These are products developed ad hoc, at the request of our customers.

We supply well-known brands in the toy industry. 

We manufacture under the customer’s brand, 100% ad hoc OEM products, customized proposals in different materials (  wood, plastic, BIO plastic,natural rubber, cotton ,….and more)

Exclusive developments to offer our customers  the possibility to make  a difference within the market.

Also ODM products  adapting  the product to the customer`s image 

We will be delighted  to know your we can  send you a very competitive and professional  proposal ad hoc your request.

let us know your interest!!

 we will offer you options to develop your idea or product

We will send you an interesting proposal adapted to your requirements 

 Many  of our products are exclusive for customers and do not appear on our site

Consult us also regarding Loyalty – promotional items  and collectibles .