Classic children's playtime: reativity, immagination and development.

           This is a selection of  wooden toys and games  for children Pre school and baby toys , musical toys , pull along , Building and cosntruction ,stackable toys , steam games ,educational games ,  wooden puzzles ,wooden boards, clàssic wooden games for children ..and more

We can manufacture your own exclusive  collection ad hoc ,(your own design , characters , requested type of wood , finishes ..and customized packaging)

Play food in a sustainable way

 With this collection of biodegradable role play food toys. 

This sets of eco-friendly pretend food toys are made of bioplastic from wheat Straw. 

These play food sets help kids pretend they are cooking, serving food, or shopping. It helps them use their 

imagination and be more creative. They can also learn how to interact with others by playing different roles.


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Biodegradable toys collection to encourage your tot`s first steps
Baby walkers, scooters and ride -on