Rescue Bot


About this game.

RESCUE-BOT is the perfect games to transform your child into a little-coder by developing skills and logical thinking that support cognitive development as well as foster learning through game-play. Children will learn to program their RESCUE-BOT to help them carry out home-tasks successfully. RESCUE-BOT is the first coding experience for children from 4 years old as it is screen-free, endurable, fun; while develops basic programming concepts such as sequence, conditionals, looping, and code. But how do children learn these skills playing RESCUE-BOT? Computational thinking is a process of reasoning to carry out an action or to solve a problem. It requires the identification and understanding of a problem (mission card) determine the algorithms needed (pick the tiles for the route) and finally, logical planification of a sequence (placing the tiles accurately to make the correct route). Each element within RESCU-BOT symbolize a programming concept, the code is represented by route tiles, the sequence is the formed route to accomplish the mission, conditionals are set by the different shops in the game board and looping is a repetitive sequence (loop route) which allows RESCUE-BOT to go to and from home to the assigned shop. The goal of the game: Be the first one to obtain all seven star tokens.

How to set up the game

1.Each player will choose one of the houses on the game board

2.Place all the game cards facedown to form a pile.

3. Rescue-robot and star tokens are placed beside the game board.

How to play the game

1. The youngest player takes the first card. The gameplay follows a clockwise direction.

2. If the player gets a ‘ 1 mission card’ or ‘2 missions card’ the player must plan and design the route to get the item or items that the card indicates and go back home, the player can move the road tiles many times, but once rescue-bot is on the track the route cannot be altered. The route cannot pass through stores other than the store or stores indicated on the card. The route should be as a loop, so the rescue-bot can find the way back home.   The player earns a star if the mission is accomplished. For all the special cards, see directions as follow: You have fallen asleep: the player loses his/her turn. Tomorrow is a rainy day: the player loses his/her turn Friendly card: help another player with a mission. The player chooses who to help; the chosen player takes a card from the deck (any card that is not a 1 or 2 mission card must be put back into the deck and the player draws a new card) By completing this mission, both the player and the chosen player earn 1- or 2-star tokens according to card instructions. 


Product specifications

Item Nº


package includes



17 x 22 x 5 cm

x1 Robot

x4 Board game

x42 Game cards

customizable packaging