Wooden moon balancing game Stacking Blocks


• Stack and balance as many blocks on the moon as possible without them collapsing.

• It can be played by 1 single Player or up  to 4 players, with different game options, 

• Colourful and educational  toy  designed to teach children about colours, sizes, weights, counting .

• Introduceg conception of fractions. It helps to develop children’s’ hand and eye coordination, concentration, patience and encourages them to thinking strategically and to problem-solving. 

HIgh quality smooth wood  made from natural wood and polished  wirh rounded edges that will not harm your baby`s skin  -no tòxic -water based paint -safe and envirommentally friendly 

Product specifications

Item Nº


package includes



21 x 3,3 x 14 cm

·1 Wooden shaped crescent moon

·18 Colorful cylindrical wooden blocks in  6 colors and 3 sizes ( different diameters) 

.1 Wooden dice

customizable packaging