Wooden Ladybug's memory game


Great educational toy for kids. It can usefully improve children’s thinking ability through play.

To enhance the baby’s three-dimensional imagination, color cognitive ability, and stimulate the baby’s curiosity.

A wonderful interactive toy for parents and children.

How to play: Insert the splint SHEET  in the middle and let the baby have a look.Then put the ladybug in the hole to block the pattern and let the baby remember the pattern at the bottom of the ladybug.Turn out two of the same.

Made of safe and environmentally friendly wood material,  With painted smooth surface layer, it does not hurt children’s hands easily.

HIgh quality smooth wood  made from natural wood and polished  wirh rounded edges that will not harm your baby`s skin  -no tòxic -water based paint -safe and envirommentally friendly .Durable and resistent 

Product specifications

Item Nº


package includes



23 x 22,5 x 3,4 cm

·1 Wooden board

·12 ladybug pieces 

·4 double sided guess cards

customizable packaging