Double sided board – magnètic shapes wooden box & pieces



Multifunctional toy 

One side magnètic whiteboard- Write and draw

Double sided chalk board – The other side a writting – drawing Blackboard 

Wooden box has three card slot Position according to the need to put the art board 

Portable and easy to use,puzzle pieces and pictures, with a pen on the white side drawing; on the blackboard, for writing and drawing with colored chalk.

• There are more than 100 pieces of wooden puzzles (letters, numbers, figures of animals, plants, etc.), you can exercise hand-eye coordination ability, logical thinking ability, creativity and learning ability of the reading.

High quality smooth wood  made from natural wood and polished  wirh rounded edges that will not harm your baby`s skin  -no tòxic -water based paint -safe and envirommentally friendly 

Product specifications

Item Nº


package includes



30,6 x 23,4 x 3,8 cm

·1 magnetic double board

·1 black and white chalkboard,

·100 magnets (animal)

·1 chalk cloth

·3  chalks

·3  wàter based pens

·1  eraser

customizable packaging